Robert Quine

1942 - 2004

Michael Carlucci

Please join us in a moment to honor Robert Quine.

Friends, family, and fans are invited to choose a favorite piece of his guitar playing, and to light a candle:

Saturday July 31, 2004
9 p.m. (EST).

This suggestion was offered by Michael Carlucci, who will be playing "Waves Of Fear" (from Lou Reed's The Blue Mask), "I'm Your Man" (Blank Generation), and "Violenza" (from Corin Curschellas' Valdun). at Subterranean Records in NYC.

Please email your playlists; they will be compiled here.

Candle lit. Unable (unwilling?) to pick just a couple of tracks, I'm listening to all of Basic by Robert Quine and Fred Maher:

Love, David Robson

"Time" from Destiny Street (Richard Hell & the Voidoids), "Oh" from Beyond Cyberpunk (Richard Hell & the Voidoids 2001 reunion), and "Martial Law" from Live In Italy (Lou Reed). —Anonymous

I will listen to: "Blind Love" from Rain Dogs and "Love Comes In Spurts" from Blank Generation. —Mitchell W. Feldstein

As a moment to honor/remember Quine, we have decided to extract the guitar solo from "Waves Of Fear" as a sound wave into a Pro Tools recording system, reverse it and loop it from 9 to 10 p.m. I hope Robert finds peace in the guitar-sonic journey. —Chuck Hammer / Guitarchitecture

Quine playlist: "The Day John Kennedy Died" from The Blue Mask (Lou Reed) and though probably everyone is mentioning these songs: "Blank Generation", "Love Comes In Spurts", "Walking on the Water" (Richard Hell & The Voidoids) and any any any! thing he did with Marianne Faithfull. —Deobrah Olin

For this evening's memorial, I'm choosing to play the track "Once Upon A Time In The West" from John Zorn's The Big Gundown. Quine, Jody Harris, Melvin Gibbs, and electric harmonica player Orvin Aquart play on this track which is Zorn's arrangement of the Ennio Morricone composition. —Chris Becker,

My set for the 31st will be "Love Comes In Spurts" (Blank Generation), "Holy War" and "Nothing Lasts" (Matthew Sweet), "She's A Girl And I'm A Man" (Lloyd Cole) followed by the complete album The Blue Mask. Thanks, David Reid (The Contrast)

On Saturday at 9 EST, me and some buddies performed sloppy covers of "Blank Generation", "Time", and "The Blue Mask". Quine was a huge inspiration to us. The Blue Mask, Live In Italy, Blank Generation and Destiny Street have been dominating the stereo in my house the last month (and for most of my lifetime). Robert will be missed. RIP. —Heath

Not sure what time that'll be here in the UK, but I'll play the Live In Italy "Heroin", obviously. And probably be crying. —Stephen, England

I think i'll play The Blue Mask album and Lloyd Cole's first solo album. The Lloyd Cole album is first of my faves and Robert's guitar is simply awsome, really lifts the songs to another level... brilliant. Finish the night off with the Lou Reed live DVD. R.I.P. Robert. Take care, Eddie

I will be doing this. My playlist will be Lou Reed's Live in Italy and The Blue Mask. Cheers! —Rob Skane

My favorite Quine piece of guitar playing is actually something he never recorded but played live in the back room of Alex Music on 48th Street. We were hanging out trading riffs on a vintage white Gibson Firebird - handing that one guitar back and forth. He quietly played an intriquing series of pulled notes with that Roy Buchanan/Jeff Beck volume control envelope fade up. In honor of Quine, that moment lives. Thank you, Chuck Hammer

I really like the solos on "Home of the Brave", "Make Up Mind", "Betrayed" off Legendary Hearts. I know Quine hated the mix, but I thought those solos were really beautiful. —Mark Saucier

Thanks for keeping it all alive. —Chip Stern

I will play "Women" from The Blue Mask. Such beauty. And maybe "The Blue Mask" itself to go out on some fury. May he rest in peace. —Ben Michael (The Sand Pebbles)

Thank you for this. Not sure what my 31st playlist will be, but I know right now it includes "Village" from Basic. —Dave Robson

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